Inside PROGR

Philippe Adam

Studio 001

Pulsating beats overwhelmed by migthy sub basses and topped with organic audiodesign are combined, mixed and crafted with elaborated audio signal processing skills. The Bern based drummer and beatsmith Philippe Adam carries on his work in the field of electronic music. Influenced by various engagements as a drummer in experimental electroacoustic groups like The Lugubrious, AMB’n’ADM and Orbitarium, he looks for a way to discover dualistic regularity in order to respect the physicaly rules of energy and momentum in music.

Barbara Boss

Studio 262

Produktionsleitung Boss & Röhrenbach
u.a. für Matto Kämpf, VOR ORT, Manaka Empowerment Prod., Ernestyna Orlowska, Johannes Dullin, BONZO Kollektiv, zell:stoff, Trio Infernale, Weltalm, Theater Jungfrau & Co.

freischaffende Texterin und Dramaturgin

Kolumnistin für die Berner Kulturagenda BKA

Betreiberin Freier Fundus
mit Myriam Casanova