Arife Terziu, Raumpflege; Mirjam Fierz, Assistenz; Silvia Hofer, Geschäftsleitung; Urs Emmenegger, Veranstaltungen; Ramon Stricker, Hauswart; Katja Gipp, Buchhaltung; Flo Hufschmid, Allrounder
© Martin Bichsel

Silvia Hofer
Senior Management

+41 (0)31 318 82 70

Urs Emmenegger
Events Management

+41 (0)31 318 82 74

Ramon Stricker

+41 (0)79 834 16 32

Imogen Moé Macpherson

+41 (0)31 318 82 74

For lost items please contact the event organizer directly.

Arife Terziu
Head of Cleaning Services

PROGR foundation
Zentrum für Kulturproduktion
Waisenhausplatz 30
3011 Bern

Access Auditorium & Kleine Bühne for persons with reduced mobility
The Auditorium and Kleine Bühne can be accessed through the courtyard. On the east side of the courtyard (side Lehrerzimmer), a door signalled with PROGR OST leads to a wheelchair lift, which transports you to the mezzanine. To the right, past the main staircase, a lift brings you to the first floor. From there, the Kleine Bühne is easily accessible to the right and the Auditorium to the left is reachable without thresholds.

Please contact us before visiting an event via mail or directly at Waisenhausplatz 30 - we are happy to help personally.