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    • Reflector Contemporary Art Gallery

    • Reflector Contemporary Art Gallery

      Reflector Contemporary Art Gallery

      Atelier 056

      Gallery Reflector is situated in the "Progr Centre for Cultural Production" and will thus be in close proximity to other galleries, art spaces and studios. 

      "Reflector" aims to stimulate reflection on relevant topics and motivate the public to make an active contribution to shaping the future. The artists’ positions exhibited focus on artistic and curatorial research practice. They aspire to reach art historical relevance and present works that resonate with a broad and international public.

      "Reflector" will organise six to eight curated exhibitions per year where topics with different artistic expressions will be displayed for discussion.

      The gallery's portfolio will be complemented by selected inherited exhibits of artists whose works will be intentionally shown in contrast with contemporary positions in order to create a dialogue between them.