Sebastian Portillo

Studio U11

Sebastian is an independent artist who always strives to improve himself and to break the boundaries of any artistic field in which he works. He is mainly a music producer, recording artist and composer but since 2012 he is also designing board and card games for which he creates many of the illustrations himself. He works in his atelier U11 and is currently working on a new LP that includes a board game which he designed specially along with his music.

  1. Sebastian Portillo in his Atelier U11
  2. Sebastian rehearsing in his atelier U11
  3. Skizze eines neuen Spiels
  4. Atelier U11 - Music Studio
  5. Graphik für Spielkomponenten
  6. Guitar, Bass and Drums
  7. Prototyp
  8. Sebastian Portillo Live - Concert Tour 2015
  9. Behind the mixing console in his atelier U11