Peter Aerschmann

Studio 355
Visual art, Animation, Photography, Media Art, Film

Peter Aerschmann works as an artist in the field of video, interactive computer installations and photography. During his travels he films people and objects in public space, combines fragments as loops on the virtual stage and writes algorithms to control their movements and behavior. The resulting videos and interactive installations often show the apparent trivialities of everyday urban life, but address socio-political issues such as globalization, mobility, communication and digital transformation.
In addition to his international exhibition activities in museums and galleries he realizes installations in public space and site-specific video animations.
Peter Aerschmann is the initiator and co-founder of the PROGR foundation and the international artist exchange project

  1. Peter Aerschmann - Exhibition at Mannheimer Kunstverein 2019
  2. Peter Aerschmann - Ausstellung Kunstmuseum Appenzell 2019
  3. Peter Aerschmann, SATKA, Video HD, 2017
  4. Peter Aerschmann - Ausstellung Kunsthaus Grenchen, 2015