Nora Lune

Studio 155
Media Art, Film, Performance, Visual art, Music, Animation

Nora Lune (b. 1992) is a Swiss/American multimedia artist focussing on video and digital art.
Her videos investigate psychological studies of our daily social life and probable disintegration. Drawing from her own and other virtual identities, she contemplates on language, technology and futurist notions to create atmospheric portraits of our time.
BA in Fine Arts from Zurich University of the Arts.

  1. SOUL DELAY film still
  2. SOUL DELAY teaser
  3. SOUL DELAY (08:22min) by Nora Lune; Performers: Nora Lune & Line Larsen; Soundtrack: Anders Overgaard; Shot in Copenhagen (2020)
  4. SOUL DELAY behind the scenes
  5. SOUL DELAY online artist talk. Get insight into the process and framework of Nora Lune's newest video piece SOUL DELAY.
  6. Galactic workout routine by your space princess #quarantineart