Florian Dombois

Studio 310.2
Visual art

Florian Dombois (*1966, Berlin) is an artist who has focused on time, labilities, wind and tectonic activity. 2003-2011 he was the founding director of Y (Institute for Transdisciplinarity) at Bern University of the Arts and since 2011 has been a professor at the Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland, where he has built a wind tunnel. 2010 he received the German Sound Art Prize. 2017 he was shown in the Research Pavilion in Venice with "Galleria del Vento". At the moment he works with sound kites, flying them with the wind of the Adriatic and the Carribean Sea.

"Florian Dombois: Angeschlagene Moderne / Struck Modernism" ed. by Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Berlin: the green box, 2014
"Florian Dombois: Zugabe" ed. by Josef Felix Müller, St.Gallen / Berlin: Vexer, 2014
"Florian Dombois: What Are the Places of Danger. Works 1999-2009" ed. by Kunsthalle Bern, Berlin: argobooks, 2010


  1. During "Galleria del Vento" for the Research Pavilion 2017