Atelier 361
Musik, Film, Media Art, Medien, Fotografie

Norient aims to open up the world through music and sound. We conceive audio and noise as seismographs of our time and facilitate space and place(s) for thinkers and artists to reflect on the now and tomorrow. Our goal is to challenge surface realities and mainstreams, and initiate dialogue across peoples and continents.

The digital gallery, Norient Space «The Now in Sound» (Beta-Launch in September 2019), tells new stories of the world through audio-visual exhibitions, academic research, quality journalism, podcasts, photography, video and film. Norient Places include the biannual Norient Film Festival and its satellites, lectures, performances or concerts which are curated and co-curated with our growing network of partners. Norient Press offers publications and releases. And the Norient Lab experiments with new formats and practices on how to perform music and sound research in the future.

Experience challenging sounds and ideas in today’s digitized world. It's time to listen!

Helena Danis

Atelier 207

Gesang elektronische Musik Vocal Desaster

Stephan Hermann

Atelier 359
Film, Text

Interessiert sich für Stadt, Land und Flucht. Interkantonaler Kosmopolit mit (Steil-) Hang zum Mikrokosmos. Mit leidenschaftlicher Neigung zum (Reb-) Berg. Schneidet also Trauben und Filme.