Time. no time

<time. no time> - by Manuel Rodríguez Valenzuela.

The piece is an instrumental theater multimedia work for solo female voice and 8 amplified monochords with different micro tunings (played by 8 percussion players) each of them playing near the hall walls forming a circle. The piece deals with an intense dialogue with time (perception of time, time
phenomena such as acceleration/deceleration) and the possibilities of manipulating itin a compositional context.

This project is a collaboration in between the International Monochordist Collective and Frames Percussion (Barcelona).


International Monochordist Collective + Frames Percussion

Miquel Vich
Daniel Munárriz
Sabela Castro
Carlota Cáceres
Víctor Barceló
Miguel Ángel García Martín
Roberto Maqueda

Almut Kühne, voice